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German Shepherds Found In Need

Family of 4 German Shepherds found emaciated, suffering from extreme skin conditions and fungal infections.
The family of 4 pups was found in one Houston home after Harris County Animal Cruelty Taskforce's member BARC Animal Control Officers found them.
BARC officers witnessed the conditions of the dogs and knew the dogs were in danger and desperately needed immediate medical attention. They quickly removed them from the home and transported them to the Houston Humane Society for medical treatment.
Our medical team evaluated the pups and saw signs of motor oil being used to treat the mange the dogs suffer from. This should NEVER be used and is very dangerous, it can cause severe damage to your pet. The pups also suffer from fungal infections in their ears, anemia, and open sores on the skin. Two of the dogs appear to have suffered from upper and bottom lip trauma possibly caused by fighting.
The family of 4 are taking to treatment and will continue treatment for the coming weeks.
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Report animal cruelty to Harris County Animal Cruelty Taskforce 832-927-PAWS or 927PAWS.org