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Getting ready for Hurricane Season

June 1 not only marks the beginning of the 2021 hurricane season – it is also the start of National Pet Preparedness Month.
To help families prepare their pet for an active disaster, Houston Humane Society is offering discounted microchip and vaccine packages every Thursday and Sunday throughout the month of June. This package is available by appointment only and costs $60 per pet.
All dogs receive an office visit, microchip, as well as the DA2PPC, Rabies and Bordetella vaccines. All cats receive an office visit, microchip, as well as the FVRCP and Rabies vaccines.
We want to remind all pet owners that microchipping gives your pet the best chance of returning to you if they are ever lost during an evacuation or emergency.
Additionally, up-to-date vaccines are required for most shelters, hotels and pet boarding facilities should Houstonians ever need to seek shelter outside of their home.
For additional tips on preparing your pet for the upcoming 2021 hurricane season, view the HHS Disaster Checklist for Pets