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Grizzly went on a doggy day out with a pal, and this is what they had to say:

1. He rides well in the car. Knew what to do when I opened the car door… jumped right in and made himself comfortable 2. This guy LOVES to snuggle! ALWAYS wants to be near someone and slept on the couch snuggled up against my mom last night. Total lap dog. Loves to jump onto the couch or recliner if someone is sitting there. Will nudge your had if you are petting him and suddenly stop.

3. He appears to be potty trained! No accidents in the house. Didn't try to lift his leg on anything, either.

4. Not a shy or scared dog….. confidently walked into the house and acted like he had lived there for years.

5. Loves walks and has a high level of energy so will need to be walked several times a day. Pulls on leash.

6. He's like a cat when it comes to jumping. He can jump high. Fearless… can even jump onto  a bar stool.

7. Loiters near cook when dinner is being made and tries to wait for people food but doesn't whine or bark. He's a polite begger :-)

8. Likes toys that make crinkle sounds, can chew them up fast

9. No biting incidents although he'll "play bite" a little when he's actively playing with someone on the floor. He wasn't nervous around men…No biting or growling when he was sitting with me and my dad walked up to pet him. Sat with my dad a lot, too.

10. Will try to run out the door anytime I come into or out of the house

11. Never heard him bark!

Grizzly will make a great addition to someone's family. I'd suggest a home with older kids and someone who is home a lot. He'd be a great work from home "coworker" because he liked to sit in a desk chair next to me while I was working and didn't make a peep.

Adopt Grizzly: http://bit.ly/3IuNtRT