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Halloween Pet Safety Tips

5 Tips on Keeping Your Pets safe this Halloween
1.  Candy Dangers- At home candy hunts are popular this year, so let's make sure to keep the candy out of reach as your pet can be tempted to eat some chocolate which if consumed can be fatal. Candy wrappers can also be hazardous and cause your pet to choke or have stomach issues if ingested.
2.  Jack-o- Lanterns- having carved out pumpkins or any kind of spooky fall decor is a Halloween must. In this case, curiosity can quite possibly kill the cat who wants to play with the decor. Avoid any accidents like house fires by keeping decor out of reach of your pet.
3. Trick or Treating - plan to keep your pet in a room inside your house and away from the front door. Pets can tend to get aggressive or scared when they see a tiny zombie at their door. 
4.  Pet Costumes- while dressing up your child might be fun, your pet might not think the same. Do not force a costume on your pet as it can cause them stress. If you do get a costume, make sure it fits right and isn’t tight and let your pet become familiar with wearing it around your home. ASTROS GEAR IS PET APPROVED!
5.  Keep your black cat inside- lastly, if you own a black cat please make sure to keep him/her inside as sadly many individuals like to play tricks or mistreat them on this day. Just for safety, make sure your pet is inside and has a proper ID and is microchipped.