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Happy Tail Ally

Dear Humane Society,
                On March 28, 2020, during the COVID lockdown, I adopted my dog, Ally from the Humane Society, to provide companionship during those isolating times Her name was Alibi but I shortened it to Ally. She was a shy and timid dog, but I could tell she was sweet. After a few weeks of adoption, she began to open up and feel at home. She had some leash reactivity, which from my understanding is quite normal for shelter dogs. With perseverance, she overcame many of her adaptive behaviors and even graduated, with honors, from doggie training!

                Eventually, I met the love of my love, Matthew, and he grew to love Ally, just as much as I did. Although he hasn’t signed any “papers” he has become her dog dad. We both have so much love for Ally. She has taught both of us responsibility, time management and how to love unconditionally. She brought us closer together and even initiated dialogue to growing a family in the future.

                Matthew an I were married on May, 27, 2023. We are fortunate to already have everything we need to start our lives together. We did not ask for gifts for our wedding but rather donations. We would like to share with the Humane Society a portion of our wedding donation in gratitude not only for our dog Ally, but for the service you provide to these innocent animals. Ally is living proof that shelter animals can be just as tame, loving, gentle and obedient as any other pet.

                Ally is a literal example of going from the streets to the sheets (see picture for refence). Thank you for providing her a safe haven and rehabilitation until she found her forever home. Attached are a few photos. One is from her adoption day and the others are more current. Feel free to share any of these pictures or to share this story. Again, thank you for all that you do!
Erica and Matt