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Happy Tail Bagheera

htbagheera2Dear HHS staff, 
I just wanted to thank y’all for allowing me to bring home Trooper. I’m changing his name to Bagheera, the panther from The Jungle Book, as I feel like he is more jungle cat than house cat. I have my work cut out for me with him, but it’s not anything I haven’t done before. I will keep y’all updated on his progress, and I hope that I have eased your fears about his future. 
This not too people friendly cat is becoming a real mama’s boy that loves to cuddle. It took Winnifred a few days to accept him, but she loves to jump on him to engage him in play. I have introduced him to a few of family members, and he was very sweet and affectionate with each one, even my 3 year old nephew. He also knows his new name and got a clean bill of health from the vet on Monday. I have attached a few pictures as well.