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Happy Tail Bandit

Hello, humans!
Bandit here. Many of you may know me better as Drama, but after some consideration, mom and I decided a new name was the right decision for this new chapter in my life. I also stole a few of her shoes... but that's besides the point.
Mom and I have been having the BEST time so far--we go to the park almost everyday after work and hang out. We've even been on some trips already!  We travelled to Oklahoma a few weekends ago to visit with my grandparents; and that's where mom learned I LOVE to play ball! However, I'm a big guy, so tennis balls don't cut it; we found an old basketball that suits me perfectly!
I want to say a huge THANK YOU to the Houston Humane Society for not only connecting me with my mom, but for taking such great care of me before my adoption. I'm an older-ish dog, so it took me a little bit longer than other pups to make it to my forever home, but they never gave up on me. I hope that I can be some inspiration to the next family who is considering an older dog for adoption. We might be older, but we're just as capable of loving our humans all the same!