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Happy Tail Baylee Rae

I know my submission is late but like many others ... this last year and a half has been extremely difficult for me. On a bright note 😁I am extremely thankful for my sweet Baylee Rae! I adopted her July 19, 2016 when the youngest that I am a nanny for was doing a summer camp there. I lost my precious boy of 16 years in November, was honesty heartbroken and really wasn’t ready for another family member. I saw this tiny, sad looking puppy and we decided to do a meet and greet. For whatever reason she had a fondness for me. There was another family that was interested in her but they had not returned for her and I only had 24 hours to make a decision. Five years later and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! Baylee behaves so much like Spanky did and has so many of his mannerisms it’s uncanny! She gets along perfectly with my other tiny diva Pippi so it has been a match made in heaven! I would say she is living her best life!! Thank you Houston Humane