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Happy Tail Bella

htbella2(2)When I first got Bella in 2016, I went in looking for a cat and decided to look at dogs after realizing a cat wasn’t for me. Her story is not the worst but it is not the best. When I first got her she seemed very skittish and would flinch every time I moved. This automatically made me assume abuse. She was very shy and quiet and was only 48 pounds (let me remind you she’s a lab mix). Our first vet visit once she was adopted, went ok but she was worried about her weight and wanted her to gain at least 10 pounds. Long story short, here we are 4 years later, still making memories and now live in Chicago!! She loves the snow and she is living her best life. Thank you to the humane society for introducing me to her and allowing me and her to find our forever friend. I plan to move back to Texas in a few years and by then she will be declining in life.. I hope to find my next forever friend with you guys. I attached her adoption picture and some other recent photos!

- Katie & Bella