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Happy Tail Betty

It been almost a month since Betty (formally Darla) came home with us and as you can see she has settled in nicely with her new buddy, Winston. We had a bit of jealousy, on her part, but have worked hard on making her feel a part of the pack and finding her place among us. She is an absolute sweetheart, and just wants to be loved and give kisses.. Betty is slowly getting better at eating solids and we are working our way up from small bites... She has steadily been gaining weight and building some muscle mass. Poor Betty had a pretty bad bacterial infection when she arrived, but she has completed a course in antibiotics and her tummy is on the mend. She is definitely living up to her reputation as a Bulldog, and has had an antihistamine added to her daily regiment of omegas, corn and wheat free foods and joint and bone supplements. We are truly enjoying getting to know Betty and seeing her discover new things everyday.