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Happy Tail Blair

I adopted Blair, formerly known as Marja, from HHS around September! She is 2 1/2 years old and is a chihuahua! Blair has seriously changed my life!! I deal with severe anxiety and she has been able to help me overcome so much by just being there. I have tough times going out and she will sit in my purse and go every where with me and not make a peep. If I'm having a bad anxiety day she will sit on my lap all day if she knows I'm in that mood without complaining and will ask for belly rubs. We think she was abused as she growls and barks at every male but she is the sweetest girl ever otherwise. She never leaves my side and is the most cuddle/lap dog ever. I can't thank Houston humane society enough for letting me rescue a dog who has rescued me. Always rescue a dog because if you give them something they were missing they will return it with something you were missing.
Thank you so much