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Happy Tail Blu

Just wanted to let y’all know that Blue, from this point forward spelled Blu, is an amazing dog. In true cattledog fashion, on the way home he managed to chew through a seatbelt, escape his harness, destroy a monkeyfist chew toy, roll down the back window, and steal my heart. He’s been my shadow since coming home and has already claimed his spot in the office.

This is cattledog day 3 on Helicity, our 40’ sailboat, and Blu is well along the path of becoming boat dog extraordinaire. He’s learned boat manners like waiting permission to come aboard and disembark, welcome and not chase the other boat visitors like ducks, herons, and seagulls, and ask permission to get on the furniture. He’s an absolute dream on the lead and loves everyone in the marina.

After demolishing two harnesses and a leash, in true sailor fashion, he has now dedicated himself to testing the durability of high tech dyneema line (the same material used for biteproof shark suits and bulletproof vests) which I’ve fashioned in an extensive set of chew toys and a new leash. Ever the over-achiever, he’s managed to chew through some strands but the new toys seem to be holding up.

He’s anxious to try out his new life vest and paddle-boarding, but understands he needs to wait until his heartworm treatment is complete. In the mean time, he’s quite content in the cockpit watching the water, enjoying the rainbows, and appreciates a good sunset on deck.

Thank you for trusting us with this loving, intelligent, new member of the crew!

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