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Happy Tail Boogie

This formerly unemployed Street thug Chug was recently released from confinement. Previous crimes of being too cute for his own good along with indiscriminate face licking landed him behind bars. Adopted on March 2, 2017... Boogie has a new lease on life after his recent parole and has been seen jet-setting across the country in his luxurious motor coach..(18 wheeler!!). He has continued his exploits of being too cute for his own good, indiscriminate face licking and other crimes of affection that are well-known among chugs who love to give hugs. I'm sure as the sun sets on Houston this Eve all will be safe and secure knowing that this Criminal has been reformed. Boogie will now use his previous skills in the service of his lady as her companion and therapy service dog. Stay tuned for more information concerning the Chug named Boogie!!

Ron and Martha