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Happy Tail Boomer

About 4 years ago, we lost our 7 ½ year old Rhodesian Ridgeback/German Shepherd mixed breed Dog.  He had climbed onto the bed between my husband and I sometime during the night, and went to sleep, never to waken again.  We were heartbroken and new we needed a new fur child to help us overcome our grief.  A visit to Houston Humane Society was what we decided to do, and we are so thankful that we did?  Meet the fellow that your wonderful staff had named Boomerang.  He has been a delight and blessing to us ever since and is now a registered Seizure Alert Service Dog for my husband.  He recognizes the pre-seizure, and protects him during seizures, and has even walked my husband home during a seizure.  My husband’s seizures are most usually of the absonce type, and although will repeatedly say “I’m fine” to whatever question is asked, he isn’t and our wonderful rescue fur-baby knows it and brings him home, or makes him stay seated by climbing into his lap.  We shortened his name to “Boomer” as his tail booms into you whenever he can, it wags almost continuously when he is near anyone.  He is attentive and so very well behaved, and a blessing to our home.  Here is Boomer now, full grown and fully loved, and about to celebrate his 6th birthday.   Its his yard, although he loves to share it with his neighbor friend Charlie, and a few neighborhood dogs when given the chance.  Thanks Houston Humane Society for filling our hearts again with a true and loving fur-ever son.  


Nancy & Gerry