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Happy Tail Cairo and Mochi

This is Cairo (gray and white) and Mochi (all gray) who we adopted a year and a half ago! They are currently one year old, and they will turn two in January! 
My mother owns Houston PetTalk magazine and was doing a photoshoot using adoptable animals from Houston Humane Society. She received a photo of kittens (I attached the photo below) that were recently brought in and were available for a photoshoot. She sent me the picture and my roommate and I fell in love with them. We went to the photo shoot to meet them, and we knew we could not leave without them!! 
Fast forward a year and a half, and we could not imagine our lives without their fun personalities! There is never a dull moment in our house with these two! 
Cairo’s favorite things: Ice cubes in the sink, his pink mouse toy, laying in his cat tree in the sun, and cuddles!
Mochi’s favorite things: attacking blankets, laying in her window hammock, her polka dot mouse toy, and TREATS!
My roommate and I have spoiled them with a half-birthday party, as well as their first birthday party, and they have every cat toy and accessory they could ever want!
They also have an Instagram if you want to follow them @cairoandmochi!  
I recently asked the Houston Humane Society about their background, and we found out they were found in a trash can outside someone’s home. So, from being “trash kitties” to “spoiled kitties” we could not be more grateful to HHS for everything they do!!