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Happy Tail Chhaya

Hi Angelina and Judith!

How are you?  I hope y’all did ok in the winter freezes?

My friend Shannon Terrill volunteered at the Humane Society and she said many were asking to see photos of Chhaya.  Chhaya is doing great and we are all so very happy.  She still couldn’t be any sweeter and loving and fun.  It’s hard to remember life before her for us.️

I’ve attached a few photos and a video.  Judith, I included you too because we are forever grateful to both of your love and care for her.  We remember both of you all the time.  Chhaya still loves her Care Bear! :)

I do also have a quick question.  We will be going out of town next week and my family member who was going to keep her isn't able to any more.  We have been looking at boarding places and I am going to drop by Korob Pet Hotel to see what it's like.  Do you know anything about it?  We were excited about this trip but are SO sad to leave Chhaya so want to make sure we aren't missing anything.