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Happy Tail Ella & Marcy

Just wanted to pass along this happy tail for two HHS alums. 
We first adopted Ella (formerly Angel) in the fall of 2017 after Hurricane Harvey. Pregnant and riddled with heartworms, we nursed her back to health and showed her that people can be trusted. 🙂 She's come out of her shell SO much since bringing her home. She's still a little leery of men and strangers, but she's the best thing that's ever happened to me and my husband. We have absolutely no clue where we would be without her. 
Because we love her so much, we wanted to get another dog that could learn the ropes from a dog as sweet and loving as Ella. Cue Marcy (formerly Jenny). My husband has always wanted a black lab, and Marcy stole his heart in February of 2021. She has taken some time to adjust, and is still learning all the ropes, but she's fitting in SO nicely. She absolutely adores Ella, and Ella doesn't mind that she has a new shadow. Marcy is currently undergoing her own heartworm treatment journey, and is taking it like a champ with Ella there to support her. Thanks Houston Humane Society for allowing us to bring the two best pups ever into our home! 
Abbey & Rich