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Happy Tail Elle

Hi, my name is Courtney and I adopted the cat Elle last Tuesday. Just wanted to send y'all some pics as an update!
She has a favorite bed and likes to watch TV on the couch with me. She is a quiet purr machine who kneads on every soft surface available. During the workday, she has an entire room for herself with a cat tree, multiple beds, and toys. She gets canned food twice a day and free-fed dry food, and her own water fountain. She comes running at the sound of the treat bag opening. Her new brother (Edamame) is slowly warming up to he—they get supervised time together. She likes to sit on her cat tree near the window and watch the squirrels. She has a tag on her collar with her name and my info.
Thank y'all so much for getting her out of her previous situation and for taking care of her for so long. She is being spoiled and loved.