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Happy Tail Felipe

FELIPE is a black Lab mix. We met him at the Houston Humane Society on May 24th, 2018. After our family played with him in the meet and greet area, we fell in love with him. He was playful, affectionate, loving, energetic and just overall adorable.
After 2 days, we took FELIPE home and renamed him TORO, after the Houston Texans' mascot. Toro was 8 months old and it was a big adjustment having a puppy at home because we also had 2 rescue cats from the Camden, NJ shelter that we've had for about 8 years. He pooped all over the his crate, the trunk of the car and had separation anxiety from my mom. He chewed up the banisters, my mom's table, my mom's shoes and lots of chair legs. 
Toro loves going on walks. We put him in a training class at PETSMART but after the 4th class, he was expelled because he barked too much during class. He could only do private classes. 
Toro loves his doggie bed, he likes to be tucked in with a blanket and loves to play with ALL his toys. He has 22 pet toys. He loves taking a bath and playing with the hose. He tries to play with the cats but the cats don't like to play with him.
Toro makes me happy because he likes to play fetch, football and tackle with me. I can't imagine my life without him.