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Happy Tail Foxy

I wanted to send an update on the dog I adopted from Houston Humane. I have attached some pictures of her as well.


We adopted Foxy October 17th, 2018 from Houston Humane.  She was part of the Grimes county seizure in August 2018.  She was skinny, heartworm positive and scared to death when i brought her home.  She is now heartworm free and grown both mentally and phyiscally by leaps and bounds.  She is an unique dog that has her personality quirks but has learned to love people.  She is adored by our family and she adores her two dog sisters and her cat sister.  She wakes up each morning happy as can be and is always bounding around the house and yard like a deer.  She just learned in August 2019 how to jump onto the furniture.  She is such a blessing. We cannot imagine our life without her.