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Happy Tail Frankie

Francis was chosen by his human mommy and daddy on Saturday, January 21st and taken home on the 23rd, when we renamed him Frankie to match his excitable demeanor!  It took Frankie less than a day to get the lay of the land of his big new home and its human occupants, including his new 2-legged buddy - 6 year old grandson Angelo!  Frankie is already training well with pads and kennel and loves toys and playtime, but he hated his Panacur medicine, spitting it out.  Luckily, his first visit to the family doctor showed us he didn't need it, and he's already on heartworm, flea and tick prevention regimens.  Doc was super impressed with the detail in Frankie's records from the Humane Society, and is pretty sure Frankie is a Schnauzer/Wiry Dauschund mix.  Frankie has also already been to the groomer, and even has his own laser-engraved nametag that has his microchip information and home phone number on it!  But most of all, Frankie loves to be HOME AT LAST...and we are super-lucky to have him.
If you haven't before, PLEASE, consider adoption.