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Happy Tail Gerty

The kitty formerly known as Mishka, now called Gerty has been living in the Hollier Household for 6 days… and as I write this she is curled up on my chest in our bed as if she has been here for her whole life. The first day she hid under the bed only coming out for treats and by the fourth day she was coming when we called “Gerty!” from across the house. She has a dog brother who she has started romping with and two human brothers that she lets pet her and doesn’t mind that they’re toddlers. She really feels like she was always supposed to be apart of our family and that she’s been here for much longer than 6 days. As I sit here thinking of how much she has changed our lives already, I listen to her purr into my ear, and I can only hope that we are changing hers too. Thank you HHS and her amazing foster Staci!! Gerty is such a perfect companion. She is named after Saint Gertrude, the unofficial patron saint of cats, and so far she is living up to her namesake.