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Happy Tail Ginger and Buffy

I recently adopted 2 of your pups in October. The first was Ginger - formally Chrissy - after a lot search to find a buddy for our Biskit. You see, in September, we lost our beloved pug, Willy unexpectedly. We were grieving so much, and so was our Bugg (Boston/pug) -- he lost 5 lbs in a month, stopped playing, and sleeping all the time.... Even though we weren't ready, we knew we had to help him... So my husband and I searched for someone to match his personality. After a few different shelter and rescue trips, I decided to just stop by the HHS to see. Within half an hour, I met Ginger (Chrissy)...she was this tiny, fat little thing...she was all smiles and just instantly made me smile again. She was destined to be mine! While I was there, I also saw a big ol meatball of a girl named Buffy. She was so cute, her poor bed broken (chunky monkey), and just caught my heart. However, I didn't pull her out to play, as I knew Ginger was the one for Biskit. After a week of Ginget fitting in PERFECTLY, I couldn't stop looking to see if Buffy was still there. Finally, after 10 days, my husband said go get her! We have a big, older girl dog, named Penny, and why not have another? That would make 4...2 littles (biskit & ginger) and 2 bigs (penny & Buffy).... So I went back and got our meatball - kept her name as Buffy - and it's been amazing since! They all 4 love each other and we spend every free minute with them! We call it our herd, and we wouldn't have it any other way! Thank you HHS! 😊