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Happy Tail Gryhmlock

This is Gryhmlock we brought him home oct 25 2019. HIS seizure date was 9/11/2019 and as we have been told was in very bad shape. His shelter name was Rio but he got a new life and a new name. Gryhm as we call him is our protector at 106lbs  now and about 1.5 years old he can table surf with all the big dogs but knows mom will get mad if he eats off the table. He loves his friends at the Clinic that my Daughter works at,  the dog love running together. Gryhm can be found turning off my son's laptop durring this crazy covid -19 homeschool or when a teacher yells all i can see is up someones dogs nose can you please move them away from the camera. Weather its a nap with thd boys or breaking up a fight between kids Gryhm is in the middle of everything all the time. It has been a hard year for everyone but for us Gryhm has changed our lives. He is still a puppy with all the energy but when i was in a car accident in may Gryhm did not leave my side if i was at home it was like he needed to make sure I was ok. I got him from 39 lbs at 5 months old to 106lbs at 18 months. His life did not start so hot but he is or guardian and yes we are his people and he makes sure everyone in our house stays in line kids anx pets a like.