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Happy Tail Harley & Harley Quinn

Hello Dear Friends @ HHS!

Please pass this onto all the wonderful Staff & Volunteers @ HHS!

Wanted to give you an update on two of your babies that I adopted back in May 2016 - Harley & Harley Quinn (whom we renamed to Bailey).

Both are doing well.    Harley is "the coolest little dog ever"!   He loves to ride on the tractor, the golf cart, the back of the pickup.   He enjoys chasing his 4 brothers/sisters around our 4 acres.    He has nothing but love & kisses for everyone.  Harley makes my heart soar.

Bailey (aks Harley Quinn) is our "miracle puppy".    She survived distemper by the grace of God and we love her so much.    This little girl truly realizes how lucky she is.   Her job is to squeeze the life out of every moment and she does!   She is into everything and such a hot mess!

Both dogs have fit in well with our other three.   We now officially have a "pack".

THANK YOU - again - to everyone at HHS.    I appreciate you taking care of all the shelter animals.