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Houston Humane Society Happy Tail Hero
Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Happy Tail Hero

My wife saw Hero on Channel 2 on May 26, 2018 and we went to see him that afternoon. We had lost our twelve year old female schnauzer a short time before that and we were really not looking to get another dog yet. We couldn’t help ourselves though and drove all the way from Spring to the Humane society. Hero was very sweet and a bit shy at first but he soon warmed up and we had to have him. We want to thank three very special people who helped make this happen. Thanks so very much Sherry, Nicole and Monica for making this possible. You have no idea what a special place Hero has in our hearts already. We picked Hero up on May twenty-seventh and he has fit himself right in. We had our four year old grandson with us this week and they had a great time together. Hero was very patient and loving with him. Hero’s name has special meaning for us. We lost our oldest son this February. He was a veteran and finding Hero on Memorial Day weekend was a gift from God. Thanks again to everyone at the Humane Society you are all very special people.
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