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Happy Tail Hugo

I was newly married, living in a house with my husband and my old lab mix, Emma. We felt she needed and buddy and we wanted to adopt a puppy that was ours.
We went to the Humane Society and were shown a litter o that had just come in. Lab and English Springer Spaniel mixes. 4 pups looked like black labs and two were ginger colored. I fell in love with the ginger babies, probably because I am a ginger.
We chose the boy and went through the process of vetting. We brought my ole girl Emma to interact and they got along well enough.
We took him home and named him Hugo because we were big fans of the show Lost. He was the sweetest cuddle bug. The next day we realized that Emma was too old to keep up with this little guy so we called to see if his ginger sister was still available. Sadly she was not.
Nearly 12 years later and Hugo is still my bestest boy. He loves to cuddle and accompany me on walks, although they are shorter these days. We lost Emma a year after we adopted him and a few years after that we brought a brother home for Hugo.
It will be a very sad time in my life when he crosses the rainbow bridge but I know I have given him the best life possible.