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Happy Tail June

My name is Brigitte. For 30 years i have been rescuing GS and GS mix that no one wants and rehabilitate them. On Dec 1 2021, i adopted June a beautiful GS from HHS. Someone had tried to adopt her the previous September but brought her back. Her background is sketchy, confiscated by the police from previous owners. I adopted her because she was running out of time, because she was not doing well at the HHS and also at PetSuites. She was fearful of people and was always anxious.

The first 2 weeks she was in my home she walked in circle aimlessly. I worked with her every day. A lot of leash work and many friends volunteering to socialize her. It has been 6 months and i wanted to give you an update in a form of photos and a list of what she learned.
June play with my friends
She is perfect on the leash
She “sit, down, slow, wait, stop, leave it, take it” on command.
We are still working on come when off leash. She has a high pray instinct.
She is still shy with strangers but warms up very fast with chicken 😁

I thought you might enjoy reading about a successful story.