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Happy Tail Kainah

     It all started with Hurricane Harvey.  All I remember from the end of August was being brought to the Houston Humane Society because my human pack family could not take care of me anymore.  Being a 10 month old husky/shepherd mix, it was a confusing time for me meeting so many people.   But the best part is that  I had a fun roommate to play with.  One day, a human female came to my doorway and kept looking at me.  She knelt down and tapped on the glass making sounds I couldn't understand.  My roommate barked and barked  trying to get her attention but she just kept staring at me.  For the following week, she continued to visit me and I would push my friend out of the way so I could lay my head against the glass where her hand rested. 
     Little did I know that I would be starting a whole new adventure with her.  When this human heard how much heartache Hurricane Harvey had caused  everyone here she drove down with a car full of food and supplies and stayed for a month to help however she could  at my shelter.    It was the second week in Sept. when a group of us were loaded in crates ready to be transported to another destination for adoption.  For some reason I was taken off that transport and returned to my room with my previous playmate.  Turns out, I was going to be adopted by that human who kept visiting me.  What a surprise!  After 2 more weeks in Houston,  my new mom drove back with me to Mich.  When she opened the car door after 4 days of traveling, I was in doggie heaven.  It felt so good to just run and run.  I was so happy to be flying like the wind.    Mom was really worried that I wouldn't come back 'cuz I ran so far.  Of course, I came back to her.  It's just in my husky blood to run free for a while.
      It's been quite a learning experience for both of us these past 2 months;  But, I think I'm getting her pretty well "trained" to understand me!  She takes me everywhere with her and I have soooo many friends to play with.   She told everyone at Thanksgiving that I was a blessing given to her for helping out in Texas, but I just say "I won the doggie mega-jackpot"!  THis is my story and how I came to be named Kainah with an H at the end.     
  P. S.   It was a dog-wagging day when I said goodbye to everyone at the Houston Humane Society but I truly loved everyone there and I hope my mom will bring me back so I can lick their faces and bark hello.
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