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Happy Tail Kaygin

In March of 2022, I lost my dog due to a complication with diabetes. I didn't plan on getting another dog for a while, however shortly after, my bestfriend was fostering a Mommy dog and her puppies and they were cute but it never crossed my mind that one would inevitably end up mine. Weeks later, I felt drawn to one just by her picture. I knew I needed her. I went to meet her bright and early the very first day the puppies were available at HHS. As soon as she entered my arms for the first time it felt like we were ment to be together. She was so excited and not scared at all. We named her Kaygin in dedication to our 2 previous dogs we lost, Kaylie and Ginger. After adopting Kaygin and looking at the paperwork, I noticed she was born the day after my previous dog passed away.

Fast forward a year and she is completely spoiled and is always by my side. Her favorite place to lay is behind my back while I work lol. My friend ended up also adopting my mommy dog and they often get to see eachother.