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Happy Tail Kelly

I adopted Kelly, a domestic short-hair black and white tuxedo cat on 10-30-18.  She was reported to be 5 years old at the time, but her wieight increased from 9 lb to 10 lb 4 oz within the next year, so I suspect she must have been younger than thought.  After a couple of months adjustment she adjusted to her new house and backyard, as well the senior male cat of the family, and has been active and happy ever since.  Her vaccinations are all up to date.  Attached is a photo of her sprawling blissfully on the carpet.
In her first year she was a bit wild catching and killing birds, and bringing them into the house.  But now she has tamed down and no longer does that.  Once she caught a baby possum and brought it it in; we rescued it and reselased it in a nearby park.