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Happy Tail Konan

     About a year ago, I was in search of a German Shepherd that I could make as my best friend and running partner. I was in and out of HHS every day for about a week looking at different dogs. I was unsure about many of them until I met Konan. When I took him out of his kennel and into the play area, it just instantly clicked. Immediately I adopted him.
     Little did I know (or HHS for listing him as a German Shepherd mix), Konan turned out to be a pure bred Belgian Malinois who already knew many obedience commands. After doing more research on the breed, my family and I decided to take him to a trainer to see what else he knew. According to the trainer, he has had prior K9 training and responds to his commands in German!
     Aside from his training, Konan is such an excellent dog. He's the best watch dog I've ever had, and he's the sweetest boy he can be. Whenever I go out for a run, Konan runs along right beside me and we're stopped at least once to receive a compliment on how handsome he is.
    Thank you so much HHS for helping me find my best friend. He's helped my family and I grow as better dog owners, German language speakers, and more athletic runners!