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Happy Tail Leon

I adopted Leon last Saturday. We renamed him Dr. Leon Fauci and are calling him Doc. He’s my (our) pandemic dog. He has been here 7 days. Couple of soiling and chewing incidents the first day or 2. But with just a few days of simple training, leash on inside, lots of walks and treats and praise, clear handling and understanding whose toys are whose. He has caught on quickly and wants only to please and join our little pack. Spent all day today inside with no leash. No soiling accidents and no chewing incidents now for 4 days.  He is so smart and well behaved and well mannered. He loves to play fetch and it is such a joy to watch him fetch his toys.  And he met our 5 yr old granddaughter a couple days ago. He is great with kids. He sat with her during her first day of virtual kindergarten, even supervised homework and watched TV with her. And you can see he loves my wife. He’s just perfect!

Y’all had him listed as a terrier mix. We have decided he is a Portuguese Pondengo. Whatever he is, he is absolutely adorable. I had been looking for weeks and knew the minute I saw him on y’all’s website he was my dog. We are in love with him and I can tell the feeling is mutual. He has found his home pack and he knows it. He’s just brilliant. Thank you guys so much for taking him in and caring for him and helping match us up. I can assure you he is being treated well and cared for and loved and adored. And he always will be. I am thrilled to have him. There are no words. He is the dog I had been looking for. 
Again, thank you all so much. Lori