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Happy Tail Lillyann

We just want to thank you for choosing us to provide Lillyann with her new home.  We shortened her name to "Lilly" and she responds by coming when we call her.


I am enclosing these wonderful pictures for you and your clients to enjoy.

She sleeps at night in her covered bed which we boutght at your store.  When she goes to bed, she takes her monkey into the bed with her.  It is the cutest thing to watch her drag the monkey into the bed.


During the day, her naps are on Tom's lap in his Laxy Boy chair.  he has the red blanket at the side of him in the chair.


She Hissed when she saw our Great Pyrenees, Paws, for the first time.  Within say 15 minutes, she made friends with paws.  You can see what close friends they are in the picture.  This is a typical every day activity; playing also.


Lilly is the sweetest and smartest kitten I have ever had; the staff at our vet's office thinks so too.  She is the light of our lives.


Again, Thank you for choosing us to accept Lilly into our home.  We love her!


Tom and Mary


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