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Happy Tail Lily

I have attached a photo of our adorable and gentle girly lily that we adopted from y’all in 2021 formally known as Nyah but she goes by Lily now :) 
She is amazing! She is the sweetest little angel. She listens so well and is very easy to train. She is the gentlest dog! We actually also have a pet rabbit and she loves him they run around in the yard and play together. She loves to sleep in and she absolutely loves toys! You’ll often find her with a squeaky toy to greet you on your way in the door getting home from work everyday. She is a huge snuggle bug. She loves to sit and lay in anyone’s lap. She still has her days when she gets scared of a stick breaking on a walk or a car door slamming, but other than that she is a happy, healthy, sweet little ball of love! We are so lucky!