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Happy Tail Link

Link (previously Freddy) came into my life in October 2022. I had recently lost my childhood cat very suddenly and knew that it was time to invite a new kitty companion to help me along in my healing journey.

When I met Link at HHS, I had initially entered his room to meet a different cat that had been meowing at the door for my attention. But when I sat down, Link immediately stole the spotlight when he crawled into my lap and started purring. I knew straight away that he would be coming home with me. I even put in my application while he was curled up asleep in my lap.

Later that weekend, he was featured on KPRC and I remember feeling so fortunate that I had submitted his application so quickly, because I knew that anyone who’d seen him on TV would have fell in love with him the moment they met him. He was so sweet, gentle, and just wanted someone to love him.

He has been with me for 9 months now and while he is still sweet and cuddly (most of the time), he is also playful and has more energy than any cat I’ve ever known. His favorite hobbies include jumping, carrying around his favorite pink ball, napping in his window seat, bringing ‘gifts’ to my door (his toys), and being wherever his favorite people are. I cannot thank HHS enough for bringing this goofy boy into my life.