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Happy Tail Luca

Good morning Houston Humane. My name is John & I am the owner of Luca! I am so proud of my boy and am glad that he has been able to fit in so well with my other chihuahua (also named Luca & hence why we changed this one’s name to LuLu) & Belgian Shepherd (Lucy, who is his best friend). Indeed, LuLu is a great dog, potty-trained very well, & is actually the most vocal & barks whenever he goes for walks or out for restroom breaks. Of note is his walking past our cats, to which he always startled them in quite amusing ways by barking at them, to which they jump up high! Originally, I wanted to adopt Snickers, another dog he was in his room with, and never knew about the KPRC Pet Project News Story about him until after I adopted him. However, upon entering the room LuLu was so excited to meet me & sort of pushed Snickers aside in order for me to notice him & to hold him! That was when I knew I had to bring him home. I love him very much & once again want to thank the team at HHS for helping me adopt such an amazing dog. 
Thank you,