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Happy Tail Marco

htmarco2Our 13 year old had been begging for a dog for YEARS. Our 16 year old has dog allergies and our spending a lot of time away during the day made it an absolute no. After a series of issues at school and there being someone home more, we started going to shelters. As we approached Sydney’s 13th birthday and at the recommendation of our therapist, we became more serious.
The day after her birthday, we came to HHS and found a puppy that we all loved, but we found out someone had him on a 24 hour hold, but the sign wasn’t on the window. I kept looking at Marco and finally convinced Sydney to consider him. Omg! He’s the piece of our family’s puzzle that was missing. He’s grown on all of us and we’ve grown on him. I go home on my lunch break just to see “my baby!” I now understand why people love their fur babies so immensely! Marco is HOME!