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Happy Tail Mason

Good Morning,
My name is Lori. On March 19th, my husband Peter and I came into the Houston Humane Society reluctantly and full of grief. 
Exactly one week prior, we had the huge tragedy of unfortunately having to say goodbye to beloved fur baby, "Roscoe" whom we had had for his entire life. Al 15 years. Long story short, after health complications,  there was nothing else that could be done and we had to make the hardest decision of our lives and let him go.  The loss was huge and devastating.  Feeling empty and heartbroken,  we needed a way to heal our grief. Fast forward to March 19th.

After having an extremely bad day, we decided to go visit your facility.  We had been missing the connection. We had with our beloved pet and thought, no better way then to go pet some dogs and hang out. We walked in and we were greeted by an AMAZING staff worker named Payton.

Payton explained the facility and where the dogs were and we walked thru the doors to go pet some dogs and visit.  After you walk thru the double doors towards the kennels, we made a right into the very first isle. We walked in and the very first pen on the right was the cutest,  most handsome dog. IMMEDIATELY, we made eye contact and his eyes brightened and he got the "wiggle butt" going. My heart swelled. I told my husband within 3 minutes "oh my God. I want him!! As long as he is not viscious or aggressive, I WANT HIM!"  We went to get a staff member and we took him out . We played with him, walked him and from the very first encounter,we quickly fell in love. We went and told Payton, "We want to adopt him! " Payton was so happy and told us "I named that dog! But, I do have to tell you, he is heartworm positive "  We didn't care! Anything this dogs needs, we will pay for and provide. 

Long story short, we adopted Mason. We have had Mason now a little over 3 weeks. We kept his name as it was fitting for him. He has brought so much love and joy into our home. I just want to thank you and the staff, specifically Payton who helped us from start to finish expand our home. Our hearts are no longer heavy and our home is no longer empty.  Mason has settled into his new family famously.  He may think we rescued hi. But, what he doesnt know is, he actually rescued us. ❤
Thank you!
- Lori & Peter