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Happy Tail Max

Hello nice people,
I’m Max, I was adopted by my fur-ever family back in February 2019.  It has been PawSome!  Prior to the Great Pause in 2020, mom and dad would let me and my sister roam around the house during the day and they would make sure we were super comfy by giving us beds to sleep on throughout the house.  I don’t know what happened in March 2020, but they call it the Great Pause (or is it Great Paws?  I don’t know much about these things, but it sounds important).  Sister and I started noticing something strange… it seemed like mom and dad were home ALL the time.  We’d sleep in rooms they call “offices” while they talked to a screen and would ask it “can you hear me?” and said “you’re on mute…,”  very strange.  I think the Great Paws did something to their brains….  but it’s ok, I still love them.  Ever since the Great Paws we started going on these things called “road trips” and “adventures” and slept in tents for the entire night; I think mom and dad like to get dirty like me!  I wasn’t worried to sleep in a tent at night, because mom, dad, and sister were next to me the entire time.  I used to go to get baths at a Mart for Pets (or was it Pet Smart?), but now a special lady comes to visit me with at my house!  She literally drags a bathtub behind her car just to come see me.  I love it when Humans touch me, so I really love these baths, they last a whole HOUR!  Every day my dad takes me and my sister on long walks at the park.  Most times no dogs are around so we can be off leash.  It is so much better off leash, because even though I stay close to my dad, I can sniff all of the smells, with my sniffer, that I want.  Thank you for taking care of me years ago so my fur-ever parents could pick me up, it has been the time of my life.
Max  🐾