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Happy Tail Mickey and Paris

On Feb 9 I visited HHS specifically to meet Mickey, a tiny Yorkie owner surrender, supposedly 8 years old. He wasn't very personable, very scared and actually tried to bite me. He weighed barely 4 lbs. I also met Paris, another owner surrender poodle mix who was almost 13 years old. She was jovial, affectionate & agreeable to anything. Despite Mickey's not so positive first impression I knew under the fear he was a sweetheart. I came back the next day & began the process of adopting both of them.
Two months later I couldn't love them more. I can't understand how anyone could give them up. Mickey is so playful, LOVES his new brothers & sisters and is so affectionate. If he's actually older than 2 I would be shocked - he's a little firecracker! Paris is just the cutest little lady. She's fallen madly in love with my big Husky & snuggles him every chance she gets. She's perky, upbeat, and gets along with all dogs & people. I adore her.
These two have completed my little dog family. I'm so glad I went with my gut that day & said yes to both. I don't regret anything except that I didn't get them sooner.


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