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Happy Tail Missy

This little furr ball lives up to her new name, Mischief aka Missy and is the light of our family. We adopted her June 2019 and she has since stormed her way into every day. Her best friend is a 12 pound dachshund, she plays fetch every morning with her toys while we have coffee, she plays ice hockey with ice cubes dropped from the freezer, she calls out in her loud, sing-song meow when she wants attention . My daughter has taught Missy to shake, sit, spin and play dead. This furry frenzy does occasionally have an off button during which time she sleeps upside down on the sofa, a table, the hall floor or anywhere else she deems acceptable.
Thank you Houston Humane Society, she is a joy. Our only regret is not adopting her sister at the time, Tetris. That would have been even better! 😊