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Happy Tail Misty Blue

Hi! Thank you so much!! Both girls are doing GREAT! Ava has come a long way and is so comfortable, sociable and happy to have space and windows in ever room. She even made a fort in a cabinet with sheets and I told her that was smart and good for her! I added a soft fleece blanket for her also. She hung out in there on and off for about 4 days, letting herself in and out. I’d check on her. The beauty is that she just stopped on her own and started to join Bella and my boy Cheetah and I more often in the living room and even got on the couch next to me with Cheetah on my lap. This angel has healed issues and is so loved and supported. Ps. She loves the new name I gave her on the way home from your facility. It was a tad depressing sounding so I worked on a name that suited her elegant nature. They both bring me so much joy, fun and calm. I cannot thank you enough! I’ve made their chips lifetime and Ava doesn’t even go near the front door anymore. She is quite the miracle story! She got out the night we got home and I got her back months later. She ran out the same time the following year and with faith and effort to get her back, positive thoughts, she again went to the same area a block away to the same man I prayed she would go to, and even contacted him, sure enough she was back home a few months later. Had to tell you how much you changed my life. She and Bella help ME heal. Thank you!!! My Bengal Cheetah loves them and they all just had to work out being themselves and interacting, which they do so well. Right now they are in different rooms having their space and enjoying watching birds and lizards as they also nap. 🌞😻😻😻


All my love and thanks,