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Happy Tail Mr. Bro

Mr. Bro first came in as an owner surrender in November of 2019. He came in due to his previous owners not having enough time for him. When he came in he was with his sister Rosie. After a few months, Rosie was adopted but Mr. Bro was not. Due to him being older and having heartworms. As an employee at houston humane society I was able to watch over Mr. Bro. I watched as so many people would just walk past him. Mostly because of his age and heartworms. He was also very shy and timid around new people. He was loved by all the staff and volunteers, especially me. I loved him so much that I was willing to foster him through his heartworm treatment. In order to give him that much more of a chance to get him adopted. We were just a month into the heartworm treatment, and I was beginning to fall in love with him even more. So much more that I decided to adopt him myself. He is doing great!! He has definitely came out of his shell and has become the most lovable boy I've ever met. He even gets along great with my cat Frodo. Sure in the beginning it was a little rough but they are great now. Also the heartworm treatment has mostly been pretty easy with him. I hope sharing our story will inspire more people to adopt/foster heartworm positive dogs. Their the ones who truly need it the most. 
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