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Happy Tail Mr. Winston

I wanted to reach out and give an update on Mr. Winston. I adopted him in April 2021 after feeling a strong connection to him when I visited. I had been going through some sadness for years because my childhood cat, Peek-a-boo, passed away in December 2019. When I visited and saw Winston, I instantly knew he was the right one for me and peek-a-boo had approved. 
Fast forward to a year later, Winston has been living his best life! His favorite hobbies are sunbathing and playing with his mouses (fake ones). He just turned 3 years old last month but is still very much a kitty at heart. Winston is a happy little fellow that brings so much joy and happiness to my life. I am super thankful for him being at HHS at the right time so I can find him. P.S His little ear is no match for his huge heart!
Attached are some photos! 
Thank you from Joanna and Winston <3