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Happy Tail Muhd Buhkit

How fitting that you should be honored on 2-1-22!
I found my Muhd Buhkit 2-1-04 on the streets of old SugarLand, so that's the day we celebrated her BD. I had her checked out at the Spay clinic, and everything was ok, or so we thought. I put her on flea and heartworm prevention, but she tested positive for heartworm the following year when I took her in for a checkup. I was told there's a window that they don't show up in. I was devastated! You did the heartworm treatment for $150, and she lived to be almost 17! I sent you a donation in her honor, and I selected you for my Amazon Smile recipient.  🥰♥️
I taught my girl how to eat watermelon, and she would do anything for it. The second picture is proof of that.