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Happy Tail Orion the Hunter

He wasn’t responding to Jodi or Brodi so we started over with Orion the Hunter and it stuck! Here is “O’s” story...
We adopted Orion the Hunter on February 22nd, 2020. He had been at the Humane Society for about a month. He is a 1 year old full-bred Great Dane. He was under weight and we could tell that whoever owned him before, either neglected or abused him. 
The first week he was home with us, he didn’t make a sound. He was still adjusting to our family of 5 and our other dog, Pinky, who is a 5 year old Great Dane Mix. 
Fast forward to now, March 7th. Orion the Hunter has more Instagram followers than us, is sponsored by Barkbox and Chewy, loves his “pet sloth”, sitting on the couch even though he knows he’s not allowed to, and loves “ramming” his head into your armpits and snuggling. Today, we discovered he likes to steal plastic out of the garbage and we jokingly said we’d rename him the “Plastic Trash Panda”. Oh and he’s VERY loud.
Because of the 200+ animals that were just rescued and brought to the Humane Society, we reached out to Chewy via Orion’s connection and were able to get them to donate supplies/food to help cover the needs of this big rescue. 
We are so grateful for the Humane Society and we love all of the caring workers there! 
If you’re interested in following Orion on Instagram, search for: Orion_thehunter_greatdane 
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