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Happy Tail Papo

Thanking you all for remembering "Papos Birthday". (Formally Cotton). He is doing great and is a bundle of joy to have as a companion. He is a very smart dog and a very loyal friend. It could not have been possible without your help in adopting him. Thanking you all for your hard and devoted work and the "great care and love" you give to all your animals there at the Humane Society. You truly go above and beyond the call of duty.
PS: A Special thanks to Doctor Malone and "Especially Brianna" who made my dogs adoption a complete success when she was in the adoption department. Please take care and "God Bless" to your entire staff there at the Houston Humane Society.
Angel  and "Papo who is 3 years old today"Birthday cake. "A MANS BEST FRIEND"Heart