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Happy Tail Penny

Thanks to The Houston Humane Society on Almeda Road and it's staff my husband and I adopted a beautiful, sweet little fur baby name Penny in August 2020 during the time a Hurricane was to arrive in Houston.
Penny has been with us for five months she made 3 years old just a few days before her adoption however, she have the excitement and energy of year old with lots of love to give to us her parents.  She has adopted well I'm her new surrounds with good bathroom manners, she loves to play with her toys and us along with eating.  She loves to chase us around in the back yard and lay out in the green grass and car rides is right up her alley.  When she is not chasing us in the back yard she gives the squirrels and birds a good run.  She love her new doggie bed she got for Christmas.  She is just to loveable and smart.
I'm sending pictures her first day on the patio on the first day she arrived home and pictures every since that wonderful day!!!!!!!