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Happy Tail Peppermint

About 2 years ago, I made the move and adopted this sweet loving puppy! I still remember when I first came to look and how timid and shy peppermint was! Boy has that changed! 2 years later, she is full of life and energy, looks healthy and has tons of fun playing with her toy. My fiance and I truly spoil her like she is our child! She has about 50 toys (ridiculous, I know!), tons of treats, and an outfit for everything! Now we live in Fort Worth, Tx and she loves it here! She knows to go to the closet when we say, “lets go get your clothes on!” She knows how to “sit” and “up” for her treats and knows that when we say “babies” it means her toys! She enjoys sitting by the door when her daddy comes home and anxiously waiting for him to come inside! She has multiple nicknames: “PP,” “P-mint,” and my niece calls her “yoda” because of her ears! She loves getting groomed and always has her nails painted and a bow in! She enjoys when our families come in and everyone spoils her just as much, if not more than we do! Peppermint loves to play fetch and loves to be outside in my parents backyard! We are so thankful for this sweet bundle of joy and she has been such a crucial part of our life! She truly is a blessing and we couldn’t be more happy to have her!